“When the day comes and we choose to look at each other as brothers and sisters — as humans — that’s the day change will prevail. “

Anita Telle

“There never was, nor will there ever be someone just like you. Celebrate the truth of being a master piece. “

Anita Telle

“Let the knowledge that you are your child’s life coach guide you on the path of forgiveness, acceptance, grace and love. “

Anita Telle

“Teach kindness, inspire acceptance, and see the magical and beautiful tomorrow in every child’s eyes. “

Anita Telle

“I truly believe that the day we embrace different as perfect is the day we can celebrate the end of bullying”

Anita Telle

About Anita Telle

Anita Telle has a mission: To teach acceptance and love to children ages 4 – 9 so they will grow up to be amazing, supportive and loving teenagers, immune to peer pressure and bullying.

Anita Telle also has a story to tell. And it’s an important story; one that touches everyone, everywhere, from every culture. But it is especially important for children: Being different IS normal. We are all different, in different ways.

Anita’s recent book “The Ultimate Anti-Bullying Solutions Guide: The Sure fire way to STOP Bullying NOW!” crystallizes her mission and her story into a handbook for people who want to be part of the solution.

Anita firmly holds onto the belief that children best gain inspiration and encouragement through reading, particularly if the material read by the children, or being read to the kids, is fun, entertaining, educational and based on real life experiences and issues, vastly impacting and aiding their personal growth.

“One of the up and coming communicators of this generation”

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4 Ways to Help Your Child Set Boundaries

Here are four (4) great ways to help your child set boundaries: Make sure your child understands that he/she is their “own person”, which means that they have their own opinion, that their body belongs to them (and no one else), and that it is okay to be YOURSELF. Make sure that you, as a parent, have healthy boundaries yourself; the child copies what it sees. Allow them to label their feelings, and understand that their feelings are important; acknowledge their opinion even if you do not agree with it. Teach your child they have a right to say NO. A child growing up with healthy boundaries knows what they will and will not do, knows what is appropriate to share and not to share, are able to respect other people’s privacy and boundaries, and they respect other people’s personal space. To help your child understand the importance of boundaries it is important for you to point out to them when he/she has crossed someone else’s boundary, and teach them how to apologize. If they overstep one of your boundaries, make sure you tell them and follow through with the consequence(s) you have set. When a child grows up with loose boundaries, they have a feeling of “There’s NO ME”. When the boundaries are so strict they feel that they are like little soldiers, and oftentimes they can have a feeling of discomfort — that they always have to be ready to protect... read more

3 Signs That Your Child is a Bully

Here are three (3) signs that your child is most likely a bully: If your child is very good friends of or “hangs out” with someone who is known to be a bully. Your child has intolerant, shows anger and sarcasm toward children who are “different” than him/her. Your child has an “exclusive” attitude, maybe a member of an exclusive club who will not play or “hang” with everyone. These are all pretty obvious “red flag’s”. However, oftentimes it is hard to notice what is really going on in our child’s life because we are so busy. No parent wants to raise a bully. One thing we CAN do as parents is… instead of focusing on (and reprimanding) a child for something they say or do that can be considered negative or bullying tendencies, we start focusing on what they are doing that IS great. Make sure you reward them when they do something kind or nice; acknowledge them for good behavior! Oftentimes, you meet the child who’s a born leader — who always wants things their way, is a little “bossy” and likes to tell other children what to do. Without breaking their spirit as leaders, we need to teach them to share in choosing games to play and to include everyone else in deciding what they are going to do. Have your child participate in activities they generally would not participate in. Let them try it out; it will open their eyes to accepting and respecting that someone enjoys and has fun doing other things than what they would normally... read more

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The Ultimate Anti-Bullying Solutions Guide: The Sure Fire Way To Stop Bullying Now!

A complete guide to help parents, children, and schools through the difficult times of being bullied. I think that we can all say that we were bullied at on time in our life and how we wished that there would be some way to guide us through such difficult times. The book was well written… and very easy to comprehend. It is a quick read and can easily referenced to solve any bullying problems…

Gerald Czernohorsky


A Little Different All Perfect

This book has exactly the positive message that you want your child to get right away, and it is delivered in such an entertaining way. I’m sure our child will love it, and I highly recommend it to anyone…for their kids, or as that perfect gift to an expecting mother.

By Al Bargen , Canada January 24, 2013


Always Time For Kindness

The series of books this author is creating are engaging, well written, beautifully presented with delightful artistic flavor. Children love the message! They create a platform to have those tough conversations with sensitivity and clarity. I believe this caliber of content and presentation should be on every child’s book shelf!

Kimber, Santa Cruz, CA


      Old But Not        Expired

Loved the illustrations and the message, such a cheery picture book to teach children the importance of treating their elders with respect, and realizing their elders can be both wise and fun. You learn some clever games, and teach your “young ones” a valuable lesson.

Diane B, Seattle, WA

Did You Know... 1 out of 10 children drop out of school due to repeated bullying?

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