3 Signs That Your Child is a Bully

3 Signs That Your Child is a Bully

Here are three (3) signs that your child is most likely a bully:

  1. If your child is very good friends of or “hangs out” with someone who is known to be a bully.
  2. Your child has intolerant, shows anger and sarcasm toward children who are “different” than him/her.
  3. Your child has an “exclusive” attitude, maybe a member of an exclusive club who will not play or “hang” with everyone.

These are all pretty obvious “red flag’s”. However, oftentimes it is hard to notice what is really going on in our child’s life because we are so busy.

No parent wants to raise a bully. One thing we CAN do as parents is… instead of focusing on (and reprimanding) a child for something they say or do that can be considered negative or bullying tendencies, we start focusing on what they are doing that IS great.

Make sure you reward them when they do something kind or nice; acknowledge them for good behavior!

Oftentimes, you meet the child who’s a born leader — who always wants things their way, is a little “bossy” and likes to tell other children what to do. Without breaking their spirit as leaders, we need to teach them to share in choosing games to play and to include everyone else in deciding what they are going to do.

Have your child participate in activities they generally would not participate in. Let them try it out; it will open their eyes to accepting and respecting that someone enjoys and has fun doing other things than what they would normally do.

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  1. Massive Thanks and Gratitude to you Anita Telle!
    I am a father and step-father, a grandfather and step-grandfather and even a step-great-grandfather! Parenting is hard work and worth every moment. We need all the help we can get providing a healthy and loving environment for children. Anita you have provided an awesome resource, exceptionally well written, with incredible content, THANK YOU! I highly recommend your books both here and in conversation with family and loved ones. If you know of any bullying, be courageous and take a stand!
    Peter Carr