Anita Telle shares her story:

How she was inspired by her parents and their experience after WWII. What they taught her that she now shares with the world. How her son Branden helped her discover her passion for helping children and becoming an advocate for anti-bullying.

Anita Telle Interviews Scotts Valley Police Chief,  John Weiss

Unfortunately, many kids only know about police officers from stereotypical portrayals in movies, television, or over-dramatized news reports.

Join bullying expert, Anita Telle, as she interviews Scotts Valley police chief, John Weiss about some of the programs offered by the Scotts Valley Police Department (such as D.A.R.E. and the Junior Police Academy) that not only teach kids about the police profession, but ALSO helps kids with their self-esteem and how they relate to their peers.

John and Anita also discuss some interesting concepts that relate to bullying, such a setting “boundaries” for your children, “assertiveness vs. aggressiveness,” how important “modeling” can be, and what is the single most important thing YOU can do to help ensure your kids are raised to be successful in life.

Anita Telle Interviews George Ross

Best known as the executive vice president & senior counsel of the Trump organization, George is also a best selling author a philanthropist and a father. Anita Telle had the opportunity to sit down and ask him a few questions.

Anita Telle interviews Rene A Bendana

Rene A Bendana is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and the coordinator of the “movement for Integration” in Honduras. Growing up surrounded by politics, Rene had no interest at all in following the footsteps of his father, who served as the ambassador to the United States, as well as his grandfather who had served as the president of Honduras. However, something changed and Mr. Bandana is now setting his eyes on the presidency of Honduras, with passion, courage and his will to stand up against inequality in Honduras. Rene took time out of his busy schedule to sit down with Anita Telle

Anita Telle interviews entrepreneur, global speaker and mentor, Michelle Mone.

Michelle Mone is the CEO of MJM International. She is a speaker, philanthropist and British business tycoon. Prince Charles invited her to join the board of directors for the Princess Scottish Youth Business Trust. She has 3 children.

Michelle talks about her personal experiences with bullying, sharing that her children have been victims as well, and when that happened, she couldn’t find resources to help resolve the issues. They discuss why children should always come first.

Learn what Michelle Mone does to motivate her children and help them reach their dreams.



Featured in FitNFabs Magazine: “Celebrating Different – An Entrepeneur Storeteller Crusades For Children”

Anita Telle on FitNFabs

Visit for information on purchasing the article or the magazine.

Link to Article: Stand By Me
Anita is interviewed by Christina Waters in the Santa Cruz Good Times.
They discuss bullying and that the origin of Anita’s passion for this topic is inspired by her son Branden’s experiences.
Click the link to read Anita’s tips to help your child not just survive, but thrive at camp.
Anita shares statistics about bullying and suggest solutions found in her book.



In this powerful and impassioned conversation, Anita discusses the topic “Trusting Yourself Can Stop the Bullying Epidemic” on Changing Minds Online with Dr. Aikyna Finch and Jessica Leichtweisz.

Anita shares the sure-fire way to stop bullying now, and how it begins at home. Trusting your inner knowledge and developing your self-esteem demonstrates that you value yourself, and gives your child the model and permission to value themselves, too. A child’s healthy self-esteem helps create a natural bully-shield, protecting them.


Anita Telle on Changing Minds Online Show

by Anita Telle

Anita Reads Chapter 5 of Her Book “The Ultimate Anti-Bullying Solutions Guide”

Wouldn’t it be nice if when you brought home your “little bundle of love” that they came with an instruction manual — a blueprint for success?

Even though they don’t, Anita believes that ALL of us have a built-in feeling for what we should and should not do in certain situations when it comes to our kids.

Listen as Anita reads Chapter 5,  “Trust in Yourself and Your Parental Instincts and Get Involved” and explains how we should trust our “gut instincts” when it comes to raising our kids.

You’ll also discover what “trusting yourself” has to do with bullying and how the more we look inward, the more help we can be for our children.


Anita talks about her book “The Ultimate Anti-Bullying Solutions Guide” with Michael Dresser on his nationally recognized syndicated talk show: “The Place for Authors and Experts to Spread Their Word with Your Everyday Answers to Life.”

Anita and Michael discuss what inspired her to focus on bullying, and they explore the cultural issues surrounding bullying. Anita shares the number one thing bullies are afraid of and the most important thing to focus on when working with bullies.

Anita also explains how she wrote the book for parents to help them focus on solutions and what they can do to help develop a natural bully-shield for their children.

Anita discusses her book “The Ultimate Anti-Bullying Solutions Guide” on Healing Conversations Radio Show with Camishe Nunley and Nathan McGuire.

Anita and the hosts also address questions and concerns emailed to the show by teens affected by bullying.

Anita Telle on the Healing Conversations Radio Show

by Anita Telle