Free Introduction Webinar

In this FREE webinar Anita will share with you :

  • Why people fear “different”
  • Why your child doesn’t tell you he/she is being bullied
  • How my own self image reflects on how my child sees him/herself
  • How to define bullying
  • What  a “Bully Shield” is
  • When there is no other way out than getting the authorities involved, what do you do?

These are just some of the subjects Anita shares in her 40 minute FREE seminar. Included with the FREE webinar are also ways for you to receive FREE downloads, free books and many different items needed in the “war on bully behavior”. Click here for a contact form.

Anti-Bullying / Developing A Healthy Self Image

A 4-hour webinar, focusing on ways for you to develop a healthy self image in your child, as well as showing you successful ways to work with your child and your family in dealing with bullying behavior. This special 4-hour seminar also comes with an easy to follow textbook. You will also have an opportunity to personally e-mail to Anita your particular problem that you need help with! Your issue will be discussed during the Q & A, and the appropriate anti-bullying solution(s) implemented, which will serve to empower  you and your child, as well as give you the tools that you need to move forward. Click here for a contact form.  Be sure to include information about your particular situation.

One-On-One Call With Anita Telle

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One-On-One with Anita is an in-depth solutions program where you will fill out a “Bully Free Life / I Believe in Me” questionnaire. After Anita has studied the questionnaire, you will spend six (6) whole hours with Anita (one-on-one) working through the personal challenges you have at hand. During this one-on-one call, you will be introduced to different kinds of exercises, monitoring forms, and an issue checklist, as well as some personal goal-setting for changes and techniques adapted for your particular situation. Request your one-on-one call with Anita. Click here for a contact form.